Doug Williams


I have been a full time Realtor for over 14 years... I do it because I like trying to help folks buy and sell property... I do not believe in gimmicks like guarantees of lowest fees, or that I am smarter, bolder or faster...I believe in working hard to help.. I have learn ed over the years that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care... I am available 231/2 hours a day.. If you get the voice mail that is the 1/2 hour I am closed... I believe know Southern Illinois pretty well.. IF I know something I will tell you,,, if I don't I won't!..I do not pretend to have all the answer's....I have learned a great deal of the questions!!!!!.

Office Phone: 618-985-4242
Cell Phone: 618-922-2347
Email Address: